It’s not the end!

As my journalism class comes to an end, I will not be posting blogs about my class projects anymore. However, I decided that I will continue to post on this blog. I will be posting stories that I write, blogs about different subjects, and I will continue to post about the project I will be doing by myself.

I really liked sharing my experience with everyone in my class. Reading about my classmates’ projects was also pretty cool. I hope everyone enjoyed the class as much as I did and I wish everyone a great summer. May we meet again!


Paint Your Heart Out Tampa Bay

This is going to be my new thing now.

Last Saturday I went with the Dale Mabry SGA and other clubs to Paint Your Heart Out. In this event we had the opportunity to help someone in need.

We started at 8:00 a.m. in a house near Westshore Plaza. We cleaned the garden, collected trash, and painted the house.

The best thing was at the end of the event around 2 p.m., when the house owner came to the door to thank us for our hard work. She was extremely happy which made us all super happy too.

This was my first year participating in the event but I will definitely come back next year.

Florida Gators Gymnasts Take Home Third Place in NCAA Team Final

TAMPA, Fla. — University of Florida’s Gator team won their seventh consecutive title in the top four NCAA Gymnastics Super Six Team Final in St. Louis, Missouri this past weekend.

With a final score of 198.075, UCLA won the first place after Peng-Peng Lee scored a perfect 10 in the balance beam, securing their title and leaving Oklahoma in the second place with a 198.0375 final score.

The gators finished with a final score of 197.85. Senior Alex McMurtry scored 9.975 in the uneven bars. They ended the event with a 49.5375 score. The No. 2 highest total for Florida in Super Six bars.
Florida opened the meet with a 49.4125 on vault. With a high score of 9.9375 from Junior Alicia Boren and a 9.9125 from Senior Rachel Slocum. On the beam, Florida ended with a 49.3375 score, the third-highest ever in the NCAA Super Six. UCLA’s Lee scored a perfect 10, moving the team to the top team standings. Gator’s Sophomore Rachel Gowey scored a 9.9125 in the rotation.

The meet ended with Florida on the floor exercise, scoring a 49.5625, the second-highest floor total for the meet and the program’s fourth highest in the Super Six. Alyssa Baumann scored a collegiate-best 9.95, placing second in the floor standings.

At the end of the night, Oklahoma’s Maggie Nichols won the NCAA All-around title. Gator Alicia Boren got third place with a 39.5375 score.

The NCAA Super Six is the last meet of the 2018 season. The next NCAA Gymnastics Championships will begin in Forth Worth, Texas on April 19 of the next year.

Another lost soul.

Hey guys, just another random blog here…

Today one of my friends told me that Avicii passed away. I could not believe her at all. I instantly went online to check the news and unfortunately, it is true.

Another incredible artist left us. For those of you who don’t know who I am talking about, Avicii was a Swedish DJ. If you ever heard of “so wake me up when it’s all over,” then you definitely know who Avicci was.

Apparently, media has not released the cause of his death yet, but it looks like he was already suffering from health problems. He even retired from tours.

It is sad to think that another incredible artist passed away in such a young age. If I find more information about it I might write another blog or article with updated news.

Southwest Flight Makes an Emergency Stop

TAMPA, Fla. — During a Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas on Wednesday, the flight 1380 was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia, after an engine part exploded.

Photo: NTBS.
After a couple of minutes flying, one of the plane’s engine fan blade suffered from a metal fatigue, which led the engine to explode. The explosion caused a window to shatter, the cabin was depressurize and a passenger sitting in row 14 was partly sucked out of the window.  Seven other passengers suffered from minor injuries.
Other passengers helped to pull her back into the cabin. The flight attendants and a retired nurse, Peggy Phillips, performed CPR in the injured passenger later identified as Jennifer Riordan, but it was no use. Ms. Riordan was unconscious and later was pronounced dead at a hospital.
The passenger, Marty Martinez, live streamed the flight on his Facebook page. “First there was an explosion, and then, almost immediately, the oxygen masks came down and probably within a matter of 10 seconds the engine hit a window and busted it wide open,” said Martinez.
Around 11:20 a.m., the plane landed in Philadelphia.
The captain of the Southwest flight, Tammie Jo Shults, was one of the first female fighter pilots in the Navy. Passengers thanked her being a hero. Diane McBride posted on her Facebook page that Shults spoke to each of the passengers personally. “This is a true American hero. A huge thank you for her knowledge, guidance, and bravery,” McBride added.
The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the accident. The agency posted earlier on Twitter that they are looking for any footage and pictures of the Southwest Boeing 737. “If you have video, photos regarding the Southwest Airlines engine failure, please contact NTSB;

Video Project

I know we are not required to post any blog about our video project for the class, but I feel like it became a thing writing about my projects in here.

For this project and presentation, I had previously planned to create a commercial video for Gatorade using clips from gymnastics. However, I learned that we needed to shoot the video as well. So, change of plans! I believe I will still create this project just so I can learn how to edit videos better, an extra experience. As for the class project, I decided that I will be taking my camera with me to the student excellences awards on April 26. I will shoot some videos and I will put together a clip of the ceremony.

I think that this is a pretty cool idea to recap the event. Also, depending on the outcome of my project, I can submit it to SGA and they can use my video on their Facebook page. Once my project is completed, I will be posting the video here!!

Demi Lovato Reschedules South American Tour

Demi Lovato just finished the North American leg of the “Tell Me You Love Me” tour. The singer was ready to go to South America and Mexico for 11 shows. However, due to production issued, the dates needed to be rescheduled to the end of the year. Unfortunately, the shows in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Panama had to be removed from the tour. 

  • Thursday, September 20 – Mexico City – Arena Ciudad de Mexico
  • Saturday, September 22 – Monterrey – Arena Monterrey
  • Wednesday, November 14 – Santiago – Arena Movistar
  • Saturday, November 17 – Buenos Aires – DirecTV Arena
  • Monday, November 19 – Sao Paulo – Allianz Parque
  • Wednesday, November 21 – Rio de Janeiro – Jeunesse Arena
  • Saturday, November 24 – Recife – Classic Hall
  • Tuesday, November 27 – Fortaleza – Centro de Eventos do Ceará

Lovato posted the news on her twitter earlier this week:

“I’m absolutely heartbroken that I have to make this announcement today… due to production issues we have to move the South America #tellmeyoulovemetour dates. Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Panama I’m devastated we had to remove those shows.”

For those unable to attend the new dates, there will be a full refund for tickets and VIP packages brought through Host.  Reach out to for refunds or any additional VIP related questions.



Farewell NSCS and Elections.

This past Monday, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars chapter at HCC held its 2018-2019 Executive board elections.

As the current executive vice president, it was very rewarding to me to see how many active members our chapter have. I was very happy with the outcome of our events throughout the year. Everyone in the board was very dedicated to our chapter’s mission and our members were always very active and willing to learn more about our society.

During the elections, we filled every executive position and the new team is excited to start working on the activities for the next academic year. The incoming president, Gustavo, and vice president, Fernando, have already met with the advisor to discuss their platform to bring members together.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 8.21.48 PM

We still have one executive board meeting left and it will be my last one at this chapter. Hopefully, I will find a chapter at the university I am transferring to. I am super excited to hear all the amazing things the new team will do at HCC.

Do you know what Zika is?

In 2016, I saw a lot of my friends and family being affected by the Zika outbreak in Brazil. For my biology class, I had to choose one topic to write a research paper and create an informercial to present during Earth Day at school. One of the topics I could choose was the Zika virus.

During my research, I found several things about the virus I did not know before. First, I thought the virus was “new” or recently discovered, but the virus was actually discovered decades ago in monkeys during a surveillance of the yellow fever in the Zika forest in Uganda. Since its discover, there were several outbreaks around the world.

The virus can be found in every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Additionally, there is no cure for the virus. However, the CDC is working on a vaccine to prevent infection of the virus if a person is bitten by an infected mosquito.

I found the topic very interesting and I learned a lot from researching it. I will be presenting my informercial next Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in the Dale Mabry SGA lounge.

Blog 10

For my fourth story, I am using a video title “Pulse Shooting Victim’s Mother Calls for Ban on Assault Weapons.” The video is one of the many videos of the series “Let Me Get This Straight,” which addresses issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. On the video, Cody LaGrow, a journalist from NEWSY, interviews Christine Leinonen, the mother of Christopher Andrew Leinonen, a victim of the mass shooting that happened in June 12, 2016 in Orlando, FL.

During the interview, Leinonen talks about how her life was reshaped after her son’s murder. She is now working to advocate for ban on assault weapons and for gays rights. She believes that these kind of weapons are not used for protection but to maximize carnage. Now, Leinonen is speaking in several conventions to call for a ban on those weapons.